Apply powder coating in place of paint to get better finishing and durability

Powder coating is a fantastic alternative to traditional painting as it has proved be a superior product with high gloss and durability. Products that are brought into daily use need to be finely finished and that is the reason why paint is adhere on to metal and wooden surfaces. Advanced technology has unearthed powder coating which is a way of pasting plastic powder on to metal products by heating and curing. The after results are exciting as powder coating is able to give a polished surface without blemishes and a shine that spells that it is absolutely waterproof and durable. Unlike paint powder coating does not melt, peel or run and powder coating services Saudi Arabia can give fine surface finishing to automotive parts, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry and household appliances and a variety of daily use products.

Crimped wire mesh Saudi Arabia

Automobile wheels, and components need surface coating and with powder coating it is great protective cover and fine finishing. The same goes to household appliances like cooking range, refrigerator, water heaters etc. in the pharmaceutical industries silicone dioxide is sprayed over the pharmaceutical powder to increase smooth flow and greater blend of materials. Construction industries need powder coating on various components of a building which include railings, aluminum frames, metal furniture and other household items. If you are a metal industry and involved in the manufacturing of the above products you can opt for powder coating to give the finish to the products and make them better appearing products than your rivals and increase market share.

Manufacturing units, warehouses, huge properties, cattle farms, government buildings, private properties, and more establishments need protection and the conventional walls have proved to be in adequate for many reasons. Walls can be scaled or breached and offer nil visibility for supervision from inside or outside. With crimped wire mesh Saudi Arabia these obstacles are overcome easily and what you get is a protective fencing that is impossible to penetrate, scale or cut with industrial cutters. Crimped wire mesh by form and appearance deter intruders as they are densely knitted and give no foothold or purchase whatsoever to thieves to climb over. The wire mesh does not give up easily by impact and are immensely strong against high velocity impacts. Wire mesh partitions are applied in petrochemical industries, mining industries, manufacturing units and big units located outdoors and need protection from trespassers and anti-social elements.

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