Give products an edge over rivals with elements proof powder coating

Metal objects needed some kind of coating to make them look good while hiding blemishes. Appearance makes a lot of difference when it comes to sales and competition so paint was liberally used to enhance the appearance of metal products. A huge array fo machinery and accessories, utility items in daily use, automobile and home appliances were applied with paint to distinguish them from others and give them an appearance that will sell them instantly. But shortcomings were found in paint, and powder coating took over. Powder coating is applied using power on electrically charge objects and curing. Once cured the objects obtains a smooth and polished surface which is absolutely scratch and impact proof. Water proof, acid and rust proof.

Powder coated products provide flawless surface which cannot be produced by applying paint. Paints suffer from running, and bleeding, when subjected to high temperatures. This does not happen with powder coating and industries that are mentioned above now resort to outsourcing the process to third party service and get fantastic results via high gloss finished products. This enables those to sell better in the market and their products also last long irrespective of facing both natural and manmade calamities.

Unconquerable hi-defense fencing systems

The high-defense fencing is made up of welded mesh panels and supported by steel posts and you can buy them at desired heights.  The repertoire of high-defense fence products include chain-link fence, concertina wire or Dannet wire, wire mesh partitions, welded panels. Concertina coils with razor sharp blades woven intermittently make formidable protection to high-sensitive installations. these fences erected at a height and reinforced with steel posts planted firmly on the ground by grouting make impregnable force against impact, cutting or torching. There are different types of defensive fencing available in UAE and they would include

  • Hi-palisade fencing
  • Hi-defensive barbed top
  • Hi-guard rail fence
  • Hi-defensive xtreme fencing
  • Hi-tri-guard fencing
  • Hi-defensive decorative fencing
  • How defensive bow top and many other types
Highway security fence

Steel manufacturing and fabricating industries can make highway security fence or Hi-guard rail fence that will prevent vehicles from going over the road and into ditches by stopping them on the road side itself. The fence makers can customize them in size, form, strength and design to suit your individual needs. These steel fabrications units also make impenetrable impact fencing that are used in military installations and government buildings to stop getaway cars or terror attacks. These are also known as K fencing which is the measure of invincibility the fence stands for. K actually stands for the fence’s capacity to stop speeding vehicle at different speeds. These fences will never allow vehicles to get through, though they could be bent a few inches by impact.